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Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
GYXTW53 Armored and Sheathed Double Central Loose tube Cable
 GYXTW53 Fiber optic cable main feture is armored and sheathed doub...
GYFTY Dielectric Loose Tube Optic Fiber Cable
 GYFTY fiber optic cable main feature is non-metal strength member,...
GYTA fiber optic cable
 Application: 1. Adopted to Outdoor distribution 2. Suitable for ...
Gytc8s Figure 8 Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cable
 Self Supported Fiber Cable GYTC8S   GYTC8S fiber optic cabl...
GYTA53 Double sheathed armored cable
 Outdoor Fiber Cable for Direct-Burial GYTA53   Application:...
GYXTW fiber optic cable
 Optic fiber cable application: 1. GYXTW cable is adopted to outdo...
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